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Available Cheats

Player Unknoun's Battlegrounds

PUBG Hacks

We offer the safest and easiest Player Unknoun's Battlegrounds hacks available. No need for highly customisation 

if simple will do the trick. Our PUBG cheats are not only the best, but cheapest as well!

Our PUBG cheats are simply some of the highest quality enhancements that you’ll be able to find for the game. If you still don’t want to take our word for it, keep on reading as we’ve given plenty of reason why our hacks for the game are some of the best that you’ll ever find.


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PUBG Flawless

Supports Windows 10 (1903~21H1).

-Supports both Intel & AMD Processors.
-Supports both Nvidia & AMD Graphics.

HWID Locked
-English menu.

Simple to use



Enemy ESP (Box, skeleton)

Enemy Info (Name, statistics, spectators, health, distance, weapon, etc)

Item ESP with filters (Dropped items, airdrops, vehicle, etc)

Custom ESP font size

Teammate check

Visible check


Accurate aimbot

Adjustable aimbot FOV, Speed and Humanization

Bone selector (first and second bone selector)

Aimbot prediction

Aimbot distance

Visible check

Special options

Radar hack

Spectators count

No Sway

2D Radar

Custom hotkeys

Custom colors

PUBG Intel

Windows 10  (1903~21H2)

Supports Intel CPU only

Supports Nvidia and AMD GPUs

Spoofer Included
HWID Locked


Enemy ESP (Bones,Team/friendly check)

Enemy Info (Health,Distance)

Visibility checks

Item ESP with filters


Memory or mouse aimbot

Adjustable FOV & Smooth

Aim Bone selection

Lock target

Multiple aimbot keys

Visibility checks

Special options

Customise Kick, Recoil

RCS (Recoil Control System)

Radar hack

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