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Since our first day in business, Copcheats has been offering our customers the best selection of Aimbot, ESP / Wallhacks and more.. at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today!


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Our Hacks Features

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Stay Undetected

The worst part about hacking is the fear of getting caught, but that’s not a problem with us; we try our hardest to keep our cheats undetected by various anti-cheat engines. 

The hacks we provide are always being updated by our hard-working development team; it’s what allows us to give you the best possible outcome in your matches.

Esp Wallhack, aimbots and more..

All of the hacks we have produced so far are incredibly rich in quality. We have tried and tested those to verify that they don’t hinder the performance or any other aspects of the game in any way. Apart from that, the Cheats who are listed on our website are completely safe to use.

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I'ts easy to Dominate your enemies

Locate every enemy on the map. Our ESP shows you the enemy at all times, even when they hide behind objects. The wallhack outlines each player, so you’re never surprised with awesome rage features.

Ready to Get Unbanned

we offer one of the best Hardware id Spoofer on our store 

Hardware id spoofer cop cheats

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems do you support

We highly recommend to use windows 10. It may work on older version of windows but we can not guarantee it.

Can I share my account with someone else?

 We do not allow or support sharing accounts     between people.

If I purchase the cheat, when will I recieve subscription?

Right after payment, you will receive it instantly on your paypal/btc email adress.

What are payment options

For now we only accept Paypal and Bitcoin.

Is your cheat safe?

Usually our cheat is safe, but VAC developers can detect anything they like, there is no 100% undetected cheat in the world. Our cheat is undetected for more than 1 year.

Game gets updated, cheat isn't working anymore?

Usually cheat will work after a game update correctly, if something is broken with a large game update, our developers will fix it as soon as possible.

I have problems with cheat, what can I do?

You can open a ticket on Copcheats discord server 

Why Us ?

simply because at Copcheats we provide to our customers the freedom to choose the product they want at fantastic prices and without any conditions or monthly contributions and with active support team and we are keen on continuity of quality And satisfaction of our customers